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[2000.111.187] uniform graduation pin
Image Number: 5333667
uniform graduation pin
Accession Number 2000.111
Catalogue Number 2000.111.187
Museum CMH
Collection Canadian Nurses Association
Canadian Nursing History Collection
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Person / School / Hospital Associated institution, Lady Stanley Institute
Associated party, Robertson, Elsie Robin
Place of Use Continent - North America, Country - Canada, Province - Ontario, Municipality - Ottawa, Township / District - Ottawa-Carleton, County of
Place of Origin Country - Canada
Artist / Maker / Manufacturer Henry Birks & Sons, Inc.
Inscription (front/devant) LADY STANLEY INSTITUTE OTTAWA (back/dos) E. R. Barton/294/1920/BIRKS/14K
End Date 1920/12/31
Measurements Length 3.1 cm, Width 3.1 cm, Thickness 0.6 cm
Events Graduation of Elsie Robin Barton from Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses, Ottawa, 1920

Caption "Short History of the Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses, 1890-1924"
Additional Information Short History of the Lady Stanley Institute for Trained nurses./ 1890-1924/ In the latter part of 1889, as there was not a training school for nurses in Ottawa, Her Excellency, the Lady Stanley of Preston, wife of Canadian Governor General, proposed that an institution be established in Ottawa which would serve the double purpose of a home, and a training school for nurses. It would be an independent institution./ In February 1890, at a meeting of representative citizens in Ottawa's city hall, it was unanimously decided that the institution be established and be called "The Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses"./ In June 1891 the institution was opened for the reception of pupil nurses for a two year training./ The first graduation took place on May 31st 1893. Lady Stanley donated and presented the graduation medals to the graduates - a gold bar with the Stanley Crest insert (part of the Stanley seal)./ The Lady Stanley Institute for nurses continued as an independent school for ten years, when it was taken over and maintained by the County of Carleton General Protestant hospital with which hospital it was amalgamated by an act of parliament./ In 1904, the Lady Stanley Institute of the County of Carleton General Hospital, was the first training school in Canada to be registered in the state of New York./ The course at this time was of three years duration and the School was affiliated with the Ottawa Maternity and Ottawa Isolation Hospitals./ The Lady Stanley Institute and the school of nursing of St. Lukes hospital were taken over by the city of Ottawa in December 1924, when the Ottawa Civic Hospital was opened. The students of these hospitals merged into the Ottawa Civic Hospital School of nursing./ The Lady Stanley institute for Trained nurses became a non-existing institution but over the years it has not been forgotten as the name is perpetuated in "The Lady Stanley Institute Nurses' Alumnae which continue to hold two meetings and have an annual dinner./ The Lady Stanley Institute building was purchased by the Childrens Aid Society of Ottawa and district. The hospital and Board of Management of the Infants Home was named "The Ottawa Childrens Aid and Hospital"/ Later the building was demolished and an apartment erected on the site./ For detail- The Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses by Madge Macbeth 1959/ Miss Ethel Johnston... [Johnston, Ethel. Letter to the Canadian Nurses Association, November, 1977. © Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian Nursing History Collection, 2006.H0019.162-163]
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Short history of the Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses
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Short history of the Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses