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Artifact Number89-285
Current Cultural AffiliationsDanish
All AffiliationsDanish (culture)
Canadian (culture)
Category08: communication artifacts
04: tools and equipment for materials
Sub-categoryH040: art
D120: food service tools and equipment
Place of OriginCountry - Canada, Province - New Brunswick
MeasurementsHeight 3.2 cm, Outside Diameter 21.2 cm
Artist / Maker / ManufacturerDeichmann, Kjeld
Deichmann-Gregg (née Matthiesen), Mrs. Erica Luisa
Related Activitypottery
CaptionMermaid (plate) by Erica Deichmann-Gregg, ca. 1959-1963; thrown porcelain
Additional InformationAmong the earliest craftspeople in Canada to set up a studio and to make a living by selling their work were Erica and Kjeld Deichmann. The Deichmanns' careers span a critical period, and in many ways embody a major change--a turning point in the history of the crafts in Canada. It was that point at which the traditional crafts gave birth to the crafts as an artistic endeavour. It was during that period that creative people established studios, independently of factories, schools or centres, and produced a body of work that came to be appreciated not only for its practicality but also for its beauty and spirit. The Deichmanns first fired their kiln in Moss Glen, New Brunswick, in August 1935, and did their last firings in Sussex, New Brunswick, in 1963. Of this piece, Erica Deichmann-Gregg explains: "I've always been fascinated by stories and legends about the mermaid. I've made figures of them, and they decorate my pendants and little dishes. This porcelain hanging plate is a great favourite of mine. The hair has a feeling of waves and water. The mermaid is a cobalt underglaze with scraffito design."

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